CrafTangles September blog hop - Waxes

Hi and welcome to my blogpost for the CrafTangles September blog hop.

Our theme is waxes and CrafTangles has recently released 9 art waxes.
It was my first time working with this medium and I had a lot of fun creating this tag.

Here a step by step photo tutorial.
First I cut out the cardboard tag and squares. I collected the embellishments; chipboards, buttons, keys.

I also added some metal elements and Craftangles art stones.

On the edges I added texture paste .

Next I made black gesso by mixing white gesso with black acrylic paint. I also added texture powder to this mix.

I painted the entire tag with the black gesso. What a transformation!

After drying I rubbed the waxes on it. It's an amazing sight how the tag changes after applying the waxes. I used Iridescent blue, pink and violet and copper penny waxes .

I hope I've given you some more inspiration on how you can use waxes.

For a chance to win a goodie bag from CrafTangles leave a comment below and continue on to the next stop on the hop:  Monika's blog.
Have fun hopping and good luck in the draw.

Hugs, Henriette


gesso white

lightweight art stones

texture powder

texture paste

art waxes


Karthikha said...

Woww!! Fantastic work! I'm super surprised to see the amazing transformation over every step! I love these wax colors and shine! :)

Ifrah Jamal Firdausi said...

Beautiful tag.. art waxes gives beautiful shimmer.

Chandhini said...

Gorgeous tag, loved the shine the art waxes have given.

mugdha gujarathi said...

Gorgeous mix media tag..i love the way art waxes added colors and shimmer to it.beautiful and thank you so much fot the tutorial,so helpful fot beginners like us😊

Memory Keepers by Priyanka said...

Very pretty Creation. Loved your style. Will surely try it. Love what the wax does to your creation. said...

Wow! Those waxes are awesome! Really! I love this! ❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing with us! 😘🤗

Subhashini said...

It is great to know that art waxes are easy to use for beginners too. Love the shine

tenu said...

art wax really uplift the overall look of the finish project..icing on the cake

tenu said...

lovely project, art wax really gives that final touch to the project.

Mylob said...

Gorgeous project. Love the waxes

Arianna Barbara said...

Oh my!!! Your tag is really stunning!!! Love so much all the beautiful details and your great technique!!!

Unknown said...

Loved the colors of waxes
Waxes gave it a gorgeous look

Tiitonyy said...

It's good work. This is what I like most about Mixed Media, black gesso and wax, the results are always beautiful. 😍😉

dishita said...

Super duper work. Waxes are giving nice look. Loved the colors

Renuka said...

So beautiful tag,Art waxes makes sure any project go stunning.. The tag definitely not looks its your first time with the medium,thanks for the tutorial..

Payal M. Mittal said...

IT just Took My heart away...
Just love it

CraftOCraft by Pallavi Jain said...

This is all the elements and wax effect beautiful!!